The ​​​​El Dorado Gun Club is an all volunteer organization.  All of our Range Safety Officers volunteer their time and knowledge in support of the club.

Range hours differ from day to day so you must view the club calendar to see the hours of operation for the day you are interested in.  

 Law Enforcement only days at the rifle and pistol range are every Tuesday, two Wednesday’s and two Monday's a month.

At this time we do not have rental firearms. Ammunition sales are only available at the trap range. You must supply your own firearms and ammunition at the Rifle / Pistol range.

Toys For Tots Charity Match​​

Please join the Eldorado Gun Club in our USPSA Toys for Tots Charity Match on December 1, 2018. Representatives from Toys for Tots will be on hand to accept an unwrapped toy donation from all shooters at sign in. Toys for Tots representatives also welcome any toy donations from non-shooters.

Sign in begins at 7am. Shooters meeting begins at 8:15am.  Shooting will commence at 8:45am.

Please call (530) 409-7076 for more event information.

You can also visit http://edct4t.org for more information about Toys for Tots.

The Board of Directors have established three committees.  The chair will pick members to fill out the committee. 

1. Range Safety Officer Committee: This committee will handle all issues relating to the RSO's. The committee chair has been selected, Pam Nesseson

2. Maintenance Group: This group will handle issues with range maintenance. Items include clean up and conex box storage clean up. Group

leader is Jim Peet.

​3. Construction Committee: This committee will handle issues with range construction and repair. Items include repair sheds and new construction. 

Group leader is Jim Braudariz.​​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our next General Meeting is Monday, December 10, 2018 at Colina De Oro / 694 Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 1, Diamond Springs. Beginning at 5pm in the Banquet Room of the restaurant. (Our General Meetings are held the second Monday of each month and lasts approximately 2 hours.) If you are interested in finding out what the club is about and/or joining, please join us at the above time and location.



Environmental Trust Account
The El Dorado Gun Club has establishing a trust account: “Environmental Trust” account in the amount of $10,000. There is an organization out there that is looking to close down gun clubs in California.  In an effort to be pro-active, the officers and Board of Directors have retained a lawyer that has been dealing with this sort of investigation. We are working closely with NRA representatives, lawyers and Environmental Specialists to do whatever we need to do to keep our gun club open and free of potential closure. Your donation of $5, $10, $15 or $20 can be a huge help to keep our club open. Thank you!


Welcome to the El Dorado Gun Club website.


The club’s calendar is currently being monitored by David Longcor. If you have any questions regarding the calendar please email edrgcmaintenance@gmail.com


​Our website and newsletter (eBlast) is currently being monitored by Harvey Edwards. Any questions regarding the website or newsletter can be emailed to philo11.5@hotmail.com

ELECTION NOTICE — Nominations Opened at the September General Meeting

Elections for 2019 were opened at September 10, 2018 General Meeting. At the October General Meeting the following Nominations were made:

President: Michael Worley
Vice President: Mickey Razy
Treasurer: Sandra Longcor
Secretary: Sharon Denton

Board of Directors ending term 2018: Simon Russell, Bob St. Amour, Marshall Seaborn, Karen Beckmen (resigning 2018)

Nominated for Board of Directors (3 year term): Bart Petterle, Jim Brandariz. Nominated last meeting:  Dick Cox, Simon Russell, (incumbent), Marshall Seaborn, (incumbent), Bob St.Amour, (incumbent), Dave Longcor  

Voting will take place at the December General Meeting. If you want your voices heard please attend these General Meetings.