​  Basic Rules for using our range include:

  1. NO alcoholic beverages or narcotics or anyone under the influence permitted on range premises

  2. ​ALL firearm actions shall be open at all times when not on the firing line.

  3. Only ONE firearm and ammunition therefore on the firing line in any shooting stall or position.

  4. Muzzles are to be pointed down range at all times or firearms will be stored in the designated locations

  5. INSTANTLY obey the commands of the Range Officer or Range Safety officer

  6. Fire only at your designated target

  7. Eye and ear protection shall be worn at all times when in firing area.

  8. Unattended or unsupervised juveniles are not permitted on Range.

  9. NOTE: Each discipline has specific rules, which are available from the Range Safety Officers. 

RIFLE – Open Range Fees - $7.00 for Members / $12.00 for Non-Members.

• 50 and 100 yard rifle range with 13-position covered bench and chronograph stand

PISTOL/SMALLBORE – Open Range Fees - $7.00 for Members / $12.00 for Non-Members.
• 25+ yard pistol/smallbore ranges with steel and paper targets

TRAP – $5.00 for Members per round of Trap and $8.00 for Non-Members per round of Trap. 
• Three 16-27 yard trap ranges
• Trap range throws singles, doubles and "wobblers"

​​​​The El Dorado Gun Club will offer a discounted Multi-Session Punch card. This card will save 1.00 per session and are sold in 3, 5 or 10 sessions.​​​ See Range Safety Officer for purchase and more information.

Club membership gives you the benefit of being a supporter of the only controlled, safe shooting facility in El Dorado County.  Range fees are discounted through club membership and it is because of your support as a member that we can continue to run our facility. If you are not a member please consider joining today to help support the only true organization in El Dorado County that supports you rights to own firearms as well as supplying a location for you to safely practice with your firearms. Please consider joining today. Click on the membership area. It is time to renew your membership? Please go to the membership area and renew today! Thank you for your support. 

Our Shooting Range is located just outside of the town of El Dorado, in the middle of Union Mine Road, off of Hwy 49. The physical address is 5941 Union Mine Road, El Dorado, CA 95623


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