David Longcor

Pistol / Rifle Range Safety Officer 

I am a NRA certified RSO at EDGC. My main interest is pistol, specifically action pistol. You can find me running action pistol practice. I also run the standard pistol range. My shooting background is IDPA and IPSC and will work RSO or ASO in either. I don’t have a long tradition in either discipline but I am in for the long run and will improve every round.  With an open, inquisitive mind your skills and confidence will improve at every opportunity that you allow them to improve.

David Oliver

Range Safety Officer

 I was introduced to shooting sports from my father at an early age and spent a lot of time hunting with my dad growing up. My expertise is at the pistol range and I am available on most Friday's to help folks enjoy their shooting experience while remaining safe at all times. Practice may not make you perfect...but it will make you better.

Tim Lombardi

Trap Range Safety Officer

I enjoy shooting trap P I T A & A T A. I help on the trap range for practice and other shooting events and help the RSO's Larry Carsten and Don Firanzi when needed.


Si Russell

Cowboy Action Pistol Range Safety Officer

​    ​My interests in firearms began when I would sit on my parents bed in the afternoons (while they were at work) and take apart Dad's German Luger and Italian Berretta.  I think I was 11 years old.
    I started legally owning firearms as soon as I was old enough.  That's about the same time I started hunting too.Was a gun dealer for over 20 years.  I joined the gun club in 2000, when my first wife and I moved to Shingle Springs (she passed away in 2010).  I am a life member of the club and have been a RSO for about 5 years.  
    Participate in the clubs Cowboy, defensive pistol, pocket pistol, and fun three-gun matches (when hunting doesn't interfere).

Greg Pasiuk

Range Safety Officer

Larry Ward

Range Safety Officer

Michael Worley

Junior Rifle Range Safety Officer

Alec Lebante

IDPA Range Safety Officer

Chuck Stevens

Range Safety Officer

Greg Arico

Pistol Range Safety Officer

Karen Beckman

Trap Range Safety Officier / Board of Director

Gary Morgan

Pistol Range Safety Officer

Ed Markie

Pistol Range Safety Officer

Mickey Razy

Secretary / Trap Range Safety Officer

I am the current Club Secretary and a life member. I enjoy all the various shooting sports and have over 40 years of experience. I am very active as a trap shooter and a member of the Pacific Trap Association. I am a NRA certified Basic Shotgun Instructor

El Dorado Gun Club is an all volunteer organization.  All of our Range Safety Officers volunteer their time and knowledge in support of the club.

Approved Range Safety Officers

Jon Kocurek

Pistol Range Safety Officer

​A retired senior executive in the financial services industry, with over 36 years in the Reinsurance brokerage business. Recently relocated from the bay area, and now resides in El Dorado Hills. 
A U.S. Army veteran, having served during the Vietnam era with, among other experience, the 101st Airborne Division. While an RSO on the rifle range, also enjoys shooting pistols. Favorite long guns are the bolt action .308, and the Ruger mini-14.  Volunteered for NRA RSO certification as a way to “give back” to the club.

Adam Fahlbusch

Rifle Range Safety Officer

Larry Carsten

Trap Range Safety Officer

Edward (Ed) Driscoll

Pistol Range Safety Officer 

The wedge is geared for CCWs to train for the event we hope never happens . The proper use of mindset, tactics, skill and gear.  What to bring. Good holster and belt, ammo, eyes and ears and  WATER.  Safety rules and the handling of your weapon will be discussed at the time of your participation.

Jim Shipley

 Rifle Range Safety Officer

     Karen Beckman will greet you at the Clubhouse up at the Trapshooting range on both Sundays and Wednesdays.  Here you can purchase your shoot tickets, buy club shirts, hats, ammo, shot, or just a cup of coffee or soda. 
     Karen is a 2-time State PITA Trapshooting Singles Champion, a 27-yard shooter, an 8-time Club Champion in Golf, a 1st Team All-American Catcher in Women’s Major Softball, a Black Belt in Karate and Kobudo (weapons), and a retired Professor Emeritus of Kinesiology of 35 years from Folsom Lake College. 
   ”It is my pleasure to serve our veteran and NEW shooters up at the trap house.  We even have air conditioning and satellite TV!” says Karen. “Come and check us out.” 

Bob St. Amour

Range Safety Officer

​I am a retired police officer (33 years). I work the Wedge and Open Pistol range. The Wedge is for shooters who desire to practice their self-defense skills (CCW, home/self defense).  I moved to El Dorado in 2013 and have been a member of EDGC for four years. I am certified  as a POST Firearms Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Police Rifle Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer

Robert (Bob) Conover

Trap Range Safety Officer / PITA Range Safety Officer

Marshall Seaborn

 Trap Range Safety Officer

Rick Whigham

Junior Rifle Range Safety Officer

John Lustig

Pistol Range Safety Officer

​El Dorado Gun Club; Defensive Pistol 1995 to the present.  Range Master, Match Director and Range Safety Officer.  The ED&GC is not an IDPA Sanctioned club but the IDPA rules are used as guidelines for the courses of fire. I have shooters who also act as RSOs under my direction. We typically shoot five stages and have forty five to fifty participants. 

Ernie Rice

Cowboy Action Pistol Range Safety Officer

Sandra Longcor

Treasurer, El Dorado Gun Club, NRA Range Safety Officer, IDPA Safety Officer, USPSA Range Officer

Sandra has a B.A. Degree in Accounting and is currently an Assistant Controller for a major multi family property management company. Sandra has been working in the accounting field for over 30 years.  Sandra started shooting pistol in 2014 and now shoots competition in USPSA and IDPA.  Sandra is the direct contact for the USPSA Club at El Dorado Gun Club.

Keith Murray

Range Safety Officer

I Cook for the Picnic and Special Meetings

​In memory of the late John Spencer – former Pistol Range Safety Officer, WebMaster, and respected club member.

To the El Dorado Gun Club, John was known as the always positive really nice guy who was a giver, not a taker. 

His greatest reward in life was serving people in need.  In keeping with this, John was a volunteer pilot for “Angel Flight,” an organization committed to help disadvantaged people whom are unable to fly commercial, get to their needed medical care, special needs camps, or other essential services. In total, John flew 125 separate missions with Angel Flight.  On September 5, 2018, while on an Angel Flight mission to Palo Alto with a mother and sick daughter, John’s plane crashed, taking his life.

John’s attitude of serving-others was very visible in the ways he supported this club.  He became the go-to guy who always found a way to iron out our challenges with the web site, making it a very effective communications tool for all the club activities.

With his sunny and positive spirit, John was a valued contributor and a pleasure to be around. 

We will miss you John but will never forget you.


The El Dorado Gun Club

Walter Tarplay

Range Safety Officer

Duane Chinnow

IPDA Range Safety Officer

William Zozaya

Pat Carsten

Trap Range Safety Officer

Forrest Lockhart

Pistol Range Safety Officer
I am an NRA certified RSO, and am certified as a NRA Level 2 Marksman in Basic Pistol Shooting. I believe that while the RSO is primarily responsible for firearms safety on the range, shooters should be encouraged to share positive experiences with others while there. My favorite handguns are the S&W Shield40 and 9mm Springfield HD Tactical. I regularly participate in team pistol tournaments at the Sacramento Gun Club, and enjoy reloading my own handgun ammunition.

​​Range Safety Officers

Doug Becker

Range Safety Officer

​ #1 All Around Helper & Head Cook for Trap Shoots

Don Firanzi

Trap Range Safety Officer

I joined the gun club in 2003. In 2007 I took the RSO course and have been one of the RSO's at the Trap Range.

Pam Nessesson - ​Chief Range Safety Officer

Range Safety Officer

NRA Pistol Instructor 
NRA Rifle Instructor 
NRA Shotgun Instructor 
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor 
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor 
NRA CHIEF Range Safety Officer Instructor